LIVE BLOGGING: Seeing Double- Second Screen Experience

5:03- Welcome from Mizzou ONA VP Dalton Barker.

5:04- Futures Lab director Mike McKean looks at second screen coverage in last night's American Idol.

5:08- More than 60% of people with tablets are using them while watching television a few times a week.

5:08- At this past summer's Olympics, viewership increased for the first time in years thanks to twitter and user engagement.

5:09-Before that, MTV was using twitter increase engagement.

5:10- Tracking the #Debates: Denver. You could see which comments were making the most impacts. What was making the most impact? The entertaining, ironic bits of the debates. #BigBird.

5:11- Twitter was tracking the popularity of the candidates.

5:12-More people were using Facebook than twitter to follow TV. So if you're a producer, it's important to have a good Facebook strategy.

5:14- There are so many types of apps for second screen viewing.

5:15- How many apps does a regular person use on their smart phone? 5-10. They all fit on the first screen on your phone.

5:16- What does to the viewer and television providers get out of it? Participate, personalize, have conversation... the most important effect for providers is more LIVE viewing.

5:17- When you're watching TV live, you can't fast forward through the commercials.

5:18- Karen Mitchell asks "If programmers are going to take advantage of all this live viewership?" McKean says some companies are running ads on the second screen app. Others are asking second screen users questions during commercials

5:21- How are some second screen apps enticing users? Rewards. Real-time content tags

5:23- Does second screen work for news? Some news providers have been using this on the network level but few have succeeded on the local level though there is a lot of potential.

5:25- Demo! Conan O'Brian's Team Coco app. Watch recent episodes, sponsored, sharing opportunities, comments, comedy sketches, music shows, etc,xclusive second screen only photos, Conan and Andy's blogs.

5:28- MTV's Watch With app. Amy Simons asks, "Is that customizable?" Yes, you can customize which show options show up first. Read blogs of Snookie and J-Woww, take a Jersey Shore quiz. Achievement points for rewards and badges.

5:31- TV Guide's app. News about your favorite shows, exclusive videos. They are keeping me engages in the TV guide app

5:33- Get Glue app. Earn stickers by engaging, listing your favorite shows.

5:34- Viggle works similar but you can get rewards to buy actual stuff. Like Hulu access.

5:38- Into-Now app. While listening to the Voice... the app doesn't seem to be working.

5:40- Tap it to cap it app. Can screen shot moments in a show and add captions. Participate in "humor."

5:42- Boxfish Live Guide app. Can be alerted the next time a show is covering a specific subject. See a transcript. See what's trending on news, sports, entertainment live

5:43- You can see what's trending right now. Obama, the Pope, Dennis Rodman...

5:44- Because second screen is growing so rapidly, we need a strategy.

5:45- Gareth Harding asks "Just because you can, do we want to?" Can't we just press guide? McKean says not everyone has as sophisticated television systems.

5:46- McKean asks how does this apply to news?... Camera has technical difficulties.

5:50- Harding comments this must be good for democracy because of all the conversation

5:50- Anything that can get you to engage might be useful to the conversation.

5:51- People who use apps, read more and watch longer content.

5:51- What about prizes? Apps where you can earn stickers and points. What if the prizes where things you saw in the show? One ONA member says this sounds like how they use prizes on radio. More tangable rewards will entice audiences better.

5:54- McKean asks, "why not just stick to twitter?" Barker says let's you build the Mad Men app, you can say how many app subscribers there are.

5:55- Apple and other companies like twitter aren't showing their analytics very willing. These second screen apps are breaking down the monopolies.

5:56- One ONA member says this would be good for the "low information view"

5:56- Any last comments? We're giving away an ONA t-shirt! No? You will all have to come to our next meeting on March 14 to have another chance to win some fun prizes!

5:58- Thanks for coming everyone!

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