Welcome back, Journalism Tigers!

By Katy Mersmann

Creative Commons photo from Wikipedia user AdamProcter
Hi and welcome back to Mizzou! We’re so excited for a new year of Online News Association and we are looking forward to getting started. We’re planning a variety of events to help students grow and develop their skills as news writers and editors, as well as provide a place to network with each other and media professionals.

Last year, ONA Mizzou hosted a number of courses and workshops to help students develop their digital skills, focusing on everything from web analytics and design to choosing the right journalism school sequence for you. We also worked with the Missouri Business Journalism Association to bring Brian Stelter to campus to talk about his experience writing for The New York Times as a media reporter.

We’d like to offer a space for students to develop digital skills and grow portfolios for the future. Our executive board can’t wait to start hosting events, and we’d love to have your input. Comment and let us know what events you’d like to see us host this year.

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