ONA Mizzou announces spring speaker

Jessica Abel | Photo by Alain Francois
From the Executive Board

Attention all storytellers, journalists, podcast lovers, and artists:

This semester, you have the opportunity to learn from storyteller, graphic novelist and podcaster
Jessica Abel.

Jessica Abel is an expert in storytelling. She has devoted her career to understanding and practicing the art of illustrated storytelling and, more recently, audio storytelling. And she is bringing all of her talent to Mizzou.

She has published nine books, two of which were made in collaboration with Ira Glass, the host of one of NPR’s most popular radio shows/podcasts, This American Life. Abel's first book made in collaboration with Glass, Radio: An Illustrated Guide, focused on the process of creating the renowned radio show and podcast.

Jessica Abel's newest book, Out on the Wire.
Her latest book and the accompanying podcast, Out on the Wire, expands on this theme and explains This American Life, Jad Abumrad of Radiolab, Robert Smith and Alex Blumberg of Planet Money and many more. Through her recorded interviews with these producers, the podcast teaches listeners how to become better storytellers. uses her interviews with these producers
how successful radio producers use storytelling to capture and engage their audiences. The graphic novel both captures how the best radio storytellers work their magic and visualizes the process of creating audio. Abel spent three years interviewing top players in radio, including Glass and Alix Spiegel.

With the help of English at MU, ONA Mizzou is bringing Abel to campus on March 23 and 24 to share the secrets of storytelling with all of us. Abel will give a public lecture and smaller storytelling workshop.

As her visit draws closer we’ll be releasing more details on Twitter (@ONAMizzou) and Facebook (Facebook.com/ONAMizzou) where we'll post event information. If you are interested in joining the workshop, look for our Google sign up sheet, which we will post on our social media later this week.

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