Live Blogging: ONA Mizzou Meeting 2/2/12

Watch the video from this meeting:

6:02: The meeting has concluded. Thanks to everyone who came out. Our next meeting is Feb. 23. See you then. 

5:59: Very few people are stalked by people that don't know them says Sgt. Schlude. 

5:56: Schlude makes a great point about comparing the real world to the virtual world. We share things we shouldn't online and sometimes it feels anonymous, but it's not. 

5:53: Mayer on how to reach a balance: Use privacy settings and location settings make the most nervous. We live publicly and people will eventually will find you.  

5:49: Schlude talks about how her Facebook is extremely private especially with her past in undercover narcotics as a police officer.

5:45: Jen Reeves, a member of the audience, talks about being safe with photos.

5:43: "Imagine what a private investigator can do when it comes to social media. Pictures and other things are gone forever as soon as you hit send or tweet."-Schlude

5:40: No line exists anymore for people who violate laws and can get on the internet to stalk.

5:36: Comment from the audience: "Anything you put on the internet is public." 

5:33: Mayer also gives tips on how journalists should use Google Voice. 

5:30: Mayer gives a few tips on journalism and how students are using technology these days. 

5:29: Wolf says to protect your friends. Be responsible and appropriate with their information. 

5:28: "For every technology there is a counter-technology."- Wolf

5:26: It's very difficult to get in front of the conduct committee and speak about stalking, technology and harassment. The laws at the University haven't been updated since 1987. 

5:24: Typically if sexual or relationship violence is happening then stalking is involved according to Danica. Stalking is defined as a reasonable person feeling fear.

5:23: Danica Wolf is now speaking at today's event. 

5:22: "Be vigilant about keeping private things private."- Schlude

5:21: People who use Facebook are 43 times more likely to trust people in general according to Schlude. 

5:20: Columbia has had a few problems with social media lately. Major problems with people posing as frauds on the internet. "Don't be too trusting."- Schlude

5:18: "Hard to establish jurisdiction and sometimes things go into a black hole."- Schlude

5:17: Mayer concludes her opening thoughts. Sgt. Schlude starts talking now. 

5:15: Check your browser settings every time you get a new update because usually it has to do with privacy. 

5:13: Google's dashboard will now show you the apps that track you because they are going to work together very soon. 

5:12: "I'm very careful about my mobile social networking like Foursquare."

5:11: Mayer posts three ways on Facebook. She enables people on her Facebook lists and picks and chooses who she wants to see the info she posts.

5:10: "I make good use of privacy settings that's why I share."- Mayer

5:09: Joy Mayer will be the first speaker. "I am an admitted oversharer." Mayer is the Columbian Missourian director of community outreach. 

5:08: Crockett then introduces the panel to the crowd. 

5:05: ONA President Ashley Crockett shows the "Take this Lollipop" app and introduces the ONA Exec Board. 

5:00: All of our speakers have arrived and we are ready to begin.

Welcome to the first meeting of the "new" year for ONA Mizzou. Today we have Joy Mayer, Jill Schlude and Danica Wolf. They will be focusing on how to use social media safety.

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