We want YOU to become an ONA Mizzou leader!

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By Erin Dismeier

Have a passion for digital journalism? Looking for a way to be more involved in the journalism school? Trying to add more leadership experience to add to your resume? Here's your chance to fulfill all of these hopes and desires!

ONA Mizzou Executive Board Elections are at 5 p.m. on April 25 in the Journalism Student Lounge in Neff.  

ONA student leaders host meetings and workshops for students and faculty (like working on online portfolios and learning about the second screen experience) and maintain an all-encompassing social media presence (that can be seen on our Facebook or Twitter pages).

All four positions on our executive board will be open this election.  If any of them interest you, fill out an application and we'll see you at elections on APRIL 25!

The ONA Mizzou president is the face of ONA Mizzou meetings, leading events and running executive meetings. The president is responsible for overall managing group activities and events. While all executive board spots allow flexibility and creativity in event planning, the president is often looked to for ideas to help propel the club forward. If you've got a strong plan for boosting ONA Mizzou, the president's seat at meetings could be yours! The president is also responsible for occasional posts for our blog.

Vice President/Treasurer
Our vice president acts as a runner-up to conducting and organizing student leader meetings. They also handle the groups finances and assist in coordinating and promoting all of our events. Our vice president helps out at meetings through live blogging events and managing particulars.

ONA Mizzou's secretary is responsible for keeping up with ONA Central, our parent organization. Regular communication is required between the two about events and changes in policy. Our secretary is responsible for recording minutes, and helping report meeting happenings through live blogging. The secretary position includes occasionally writing posts for our blog.

Social Media Coordinator
If you're a pro with Twitter, Facebook and digging up relevant information, the social media coordinator could be the right spot for you. Social media is important to ONA Mizzou in terms of reaching students and readers. The social media chair manages the club's online presence and acts as a promotor for upcoming events for ONA Mizzou and ONA. The social media coordinator helps orchestrate posts for the ONA Mizzou blog from executive board members as well as occasionally submitting their own.

Want to apply for a spot? Applications are due by Wednesday, April 17. Fill out this application and send it in (along with any questions) to simonsa@missouri.edu. Already on campus? You can also print and drop off your application at the office of ONA Mizzou advisor, Amy Simons at 001-E in RJI.

Download the application

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