By Ryan Levi

Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski
Being a journalist is a stressful job. Being a journalist in the digital era where we are constantly connected and able to report and produce content anywhere we can get a cell signal is even more stressful. So how can journalists avoid over stressing and maintain a work-life balance?

As a student-journalist, finding a work-life balance is a constant struggle. It takes time to do well in classes while having to simultaneously report and produce content for various newsrooms. When I was in my reporting semester, it felt like all I did was journalism and class work and sometimes, sleep. I had to find away to take time for myself and keep myself sane. I decided that no matter what how my story was going or how much work I would do, I would take time each day to go for a run. Running allowed me to get away from the stress of work and do something I enjoyed.

Last month, a student in Mizzou's Convergence Reporting class came up with #MyPersonal45. The idea was that students should be sure to set aside at least 45 minutes everyday to do something they enjoyed. Forty-five minutes of no journalism, no reporting, no interviews, no transcribing. Forty-five minutes of personal fulfillment and rejuvenation. Check out the Storify below for a few ways that Mizzou journalists are striving for a work-life balance. What's your #MyPersonal45?

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