ONA Mizzou Summer Bucket List

By Madison Feller

Photo by Madison Feller
School's out! Summer is here! I know for most of us, summer doesn't just mark the end of finals and the start of vacation. It's the time we have to finally catch up on everything we wish we had time for during the school year. So whether you're headed to an awesome job or a stellar internship for the next three months, we have your summer bucket list so you can come back feeling refreshed, invigorated and informed.

ONA Mizzou Summer Bucket List

1. Download one new "serious" podcast and one new "fun" podcast. (For example, I just started listening to IRE Radio as well as the Gilmore Guys podcast.)

2. Pick a book list and tackle it. Try our own innovation booklist, this list of books perfect for entrepreneurs or these 10 books for every digital marketer.

3. Follow along (on Twitter and on the site) with the IRE Conference June 4-7.

4. Have your own History of American Journalism night by watching All the President's Men and Page One.

5. Catch up on old columns from The Media Equation. Then if you're really ambitious, read The Night of the Gun by David Carr.

6. When you're feeling uninspired, read some of the posts from our Letter Home Series. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the list, check out Dan Oshinsky's, who now works for Buzzfeed, or Matt Pearce's, who now writes for the LA Times.

7. Learn to code. Whether you take a day or a month, try out a new language or build on the skills you already have. Don't know where to start? Check out these three places.

8. Revamp your online portfolio, especially once you've completed your summer internship/job/volunteer position/etc. Look into one of these 10 places to host your new site.

9. Take a break. It's summer! Take a #MyPersonal45 every day to regroup and relax.

10. Last but certainly not least, clear your calendar for next semester so you can come to all the awesome ONA Mizzou events!

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