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It's that time of year again! Everyone is arriving back on campus, anxiously awaiting a new year of classes.

Since 2011, ONA Mizzou has provided a space for students across campus to learn more about digital media outside of class.

As the world of media continues to change, digital media skills are becoming increasingly essential for young journalists. Students don't have to search hard for evidence of the importance of these skills.

Just this summer, The Dallas Morning News announced it would offer buyouts to 167 of its employees in order to "add positions back to the newsroom, with a focus on hiring outstanding journalists." Tech companies have also announced new positions for journalists with digital skills. Apple and Twitter are among the companies hiring new aggregation editors in the coming months.

Although journalism classes can offer a strong introduction to new skills, it is often time outside of the classroom that can help build a student's portfolio. Our student club brings online media experts to campus, giving students an opportunity to network and discuss the future of news. On campus training has always been a part of our organization, but this year, we are excited to announce even more ways for students to get involved.

For the first time, ONA Mizzou's executive board has elected Kara Tabor as our membership development coordinator position. The new position will allow ONA Mizzou to connect students to new learning opportunities. We are excited to announce that non-executive board members can now be involved with ONA Mizzou in a more hands-on role. We are actively looking for students who want to join ONA Mizzou and help our team plan engaging digital media training events.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of news and the direction of ONA Mizzou.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill our form for the latest updates on ONA Mizzou.

- ONA Mizzou Exec Board

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