How to survive your reporting semester

Photo courtesy of mojourcomm via Wikimedia Commons
By Ryan Levi

We have a unique opportunity as journalism students at Mizzou. We get to work in professional newsrooms as part of our course work. Every day, students report for an NBC affiliate, an NPR member station and a community newspaper.

It's great experience, and it's also a lot of work. But you can get through it. I asked around on Twitter and Facebook and got some tips and advice from folks who have been there and done it.

First, some tips on succeeding as a reporter:

You can't get through reporting on your own. Here are some tips on how to lean on those around you:

Above all else, taking care of yourself is job number one. Here are some self-care tips for your reporting semester:

One final word on keeping perspective on your reporting experiences. Remember that these classes are three credits just like any other class. No more, no less.

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