Event preview: How to stand out from the crowd

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By Sarah Darby and Ryan Levi

When everyone around you is applying for internships and jobs it's hard to imagine how you can possibly stand out.

Mizzou students have the benefit of a great education and hands-on experience from our classes, but, ultimately, it's on us to market ourselves to hiring managers. 

Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. in RJI 100A (aka the Fishbowl), for our second event, How to Stand Out from the Crowd, where recent graduates will share their stories of how they used digital media to build their personal brand and get great jobs. 

Our panelists have all successfully marketed their unique skill sets and landed some pretty awesome jobs:

Andrew Gibson 

Andrew Gibson graduated from Mizzou in 2014 with a degree in convergence journalism. Gibson works as a multimedia artist for the Orlando Sentinel where he focuses on web development and long-term projects. Gibson and a colleague were recently awarded a $35,000 Knight News Challenge award to build "Tabs on Tallahassee," a searchable database of the voting records of Florida lawmakers. As an undergrad, Andrew used his coding skills to build his online portfolio by hand, and he was president of our organization, ONA Mizzou!

Sally French

Sally graduated from Mizzou in 2013 with degrees in investigative photojournalism and German. She heads up social media for The Wall Street Journal Digital Network's MarketWatch. In addition, her work has been published on the BBC, the Economist, CNN, NBC, NPR, the Orange County Register and the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2013, she created the TheDroneGirl.com, where she was one of the first journalists to focus on reporting on drones. This summer, Fortune named her one of the most influential women in drones, and she regularly speaks at conferences and to media about the latest development in drones.

Jessie Lueck

Jessie graduated from Mizzou in 2014 with degrees in graphic design and strategic communication. She works as a graphic designer for Hallmark. As an undergrad, Jessie used her design skills in everything she did, not just in the classroom or internships. Jessie worked as a student coordinator for Mizzou's Freshman Interest Groups supervising students teaching freshman seminar classes. In that role, she helped rebrand the entire program and redesign promotional and educational materials across numerous digital platforms.

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