Homecoming 2015: Grads come home and share some advice

By Emerald O'Brien

Photo by Ryan Levi

While the football game may not have gone the way Mizzou fans would have liked, this year's Homecoming was still a great experience as alumni from across the country came home to Mizzou. In between reminiscing about old times and introducing themselves to the new dean, we caught up with a few alumni to chat and asked them about what they've learned since they left Old Missouri.

Anna Burkart is a 2013 graduate who now works as a content licensing producer for Tribune Broadcasting in Chicago. She says that even though she never expected to have the job she does now while she was in school, she uses a lot of the digital skills she learned at Mizzou daily.

Nichole Cartmell is a 2014 graduate who now reports for KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Since leaving Mizzou, she says that she not only has used social media in her work daily, but that she has learned how to use each platform differently to engage with audiences outside of the regular newscasts.

Gene Kennedy is a 1999 graduate who now works as the evening anchor at WGEM in Quincy, Illinois. He says that not branching out of reporting to digital and producing opportunities while he was in school has meant more of a learning curve as he has moved through his career in broadcast.

We know there are a lot more grads out there that we didn't get to talk to. What advice do you have for our students? How does digital media play a role in your job? Tweet your advice and wisdom @ONAMizzou and we'll share it with our students!

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