Best digital media sources to follow what's happening at Mizzou

By Ryan Levi

 Photo by Ellise Verheyen/Columbia Missourian
It has been a busy and historic semester at Mizzou, culminating in the resignations of UM system president Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. With such a complex, multifaceted and quick developing story, it can be very difficult to know where to look for accurate, quality and deep reporting. Below you will find links to several Twitter accounts and stories that are good starting places for getting up to date on what's been happening and for staying informed as the story progresses.

These resources are obviously just a start, and it is critical to consume as much media as possible from numerous sources to stay as informed as possible.

Local stories:

The Maneater Interactive Timeline
Mizzou's student newspaper, The Maneater, put together one of the best pieces of journalism on this story. This timeline is an excellent place to start because it charts all of the events that have happened on campus this semester.

A historic day: top 10 stories
While events have been transpiring for months, Monday was certainly a major day. The Maneater breaks down the many major storylines from the day.

ANSWERED: Common questions about Jonathan Butler's hunger strike
This piece by the Columbia Missourian does a really nice job of answering questions that many people have had about the protest.


Local media outlets: @ColumbiaMissourian, @KBIA, @KOMUnews and @TheManeater all have dozens or reporters on this story and have since it began. Their websites are also full of developing stories and pieces that provide greater context on events.

@CS_1950: This is the Twitter account of the group Concerned Student 1950 which has been organizing the protests.

@WesleyLowery: Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery has been very active on Twitter about these events, specifically around the confrontation between reporters and a student reporter.

@mattdpearce: Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce has been all over this story both with breaking news updates and providing larger context.

National stories:

ESPN photo gallery: Mizzou student Tim Tai produced these photos for following the announcement of Tim Wolfe's resignation on Monday.

Protestors celebrate after top University of Missouri leaders resign over racial turmoil: Wesley Lowery called this piece by Matt Pearce the "best contextual roundup I've read of what happened at Mizzou" on Monday.

An Overdue Power Shift in College Sports: While the events of the last several days have their roots dating back to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo., last year, several conversations this week have centered on the role the Missouri football team played in hastening the resignation of top university officials. This is one such story from the Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay.

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