3 easy hacks to amp up your WordPress site

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By Madison Feller

You already know that your personal website is an essential part of your toolbox. It showcases who you are, what you're about and what you can do. But how do you personalize your Wordpress site to make it just a little bit more functional and creative? We have three quick hacks you can use to make it that much better.

1. How to link to a PDF of your resume

Ever go to someone's website and not only is there text of a resume, but also a link to a PDF of the resume? This is so easy to pull off, and it's super convenient for potential employers looking through your site. Just save your resume as a PDF, then upload it to your site as a photo in the media gallery. You'll then be able to grab the photo's URL link on the side.

Just copy and paste that link, and insert it into a sentence on your site!

2. How to link to an automatic email

You know when you click on an email address and an email automatically pops up with a message already addressed to them? Well, now you can do that, too.

For example, on my personal site, it says: Feel free to send me a note at madisonpfeller@gmail.com.

All I had to do was go into the backend of the page (just click the "Text" tab) and add in the following code:

Feel free to send me a note at <a href="mailto:madisonpfeller@gmail.com">madisonpfeller@gmail.com</a>.

Use that code, put your email address in instead, and you're good to go.

3. How to insert your Twitter feed

To do this, you'll have to add a Twitter widget into your feed. On WordPress, you'll need to go to the left side, go to Appearance and then choose Widgets.

Scroll down until you see Twitter and drag it over to the Sidebar. From there, it's pretty self explanatory. However, you will need to put in your Widget ID. To do that, create a Widget on Twitter. Once you save the changes, look at the URL at the top of the page and grab the long set of numbers.

(Here, the Widget ID would be 689506750945361920.)

Plug that into your WordPress widget, and now you can have your Twitter feed on your site.

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