Live Blog: Data Visualization with Tableau Public

by Emerald O'Brien

Ben Jones (@dataremixed) is the director of product marketing at Tableau and he is here to teach us how to use the data visualization software. Tableau offers a free trial for students that you can download here.

Keep checking in to see what we're learning, and check out our Periscope of the event here. Following along with the Periscope will be the most helpful. 

"Tableau is like the YouTube of data visualization." You can share your work easily and with anyone on the Tableau Public site. It's also a great place to build a data viz portfolio.

Follow @vizoftheday to see good stuff that other Tableau users are making. Then, if you are still learning, you can download their visualizations look at how they were made using your own dashboard.

Using the embed codes, you can bring Tableau visualizations to any HTML or CSS (even the interactive parts).

Things tools/skills you need for doing data journalism (according to Ben Jones):
  • Super simple chart builder (Excel, infogram, etc.)
  • In between, interactive quick viz builder, where it's a little more complicated, but you don't have to be able to code (Tableau)
  • Programming language for more intensive projects.

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