Meet the 2016-2017 Executive Board!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2016-2017 ONA Mizzou executive board!

President: Rose McManus

Hello, my name is Rose McManus, and I am the president of ONA Mizzou. I am an Ohio native currently pursuing a master's degree in convergence journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia. 

In the past, I have worked for the Kansas City Star, POLITICO Europe, and the Columbia Missourian. I am known for wearing lots of black and being a little obsessive about Instagram. In my free time, I can be found at a coffee shop or exploring the Midwest on my road bike.

Vice President: Abby Ivory-Ganja

I am a junior convergence journalism major with an economics minor. The radio world keeps pulling me towards it, so I hope to work in that realm in my time left at Mizzou and after graduation. Starting this summer, I’ll be working with MizzouRec as an Audience Engagement Specialist. 

I’m from Houston, Texas and only say y’all ironically. I’m interested in feminism, behavioral economics and making good jokes on Twitter.  When I’m not being a J-School kid, you can catch me as a Diversity Peer Educator or listening to podcasts in Starbucks. 

Social Media Coordinator: Rachel Radecki

Hey, friends! I’m Rachel, and I’m going to be your social media coordinator for ONA Mizzou! I’m incredibly excited for this position, and I look forward to exploring the digital journalism world with you all on social media. I’ve had a wonderful time in ONA Mizzou this past year, and I can’t wait to expand this group even more in the future. I am a strategic communication major with minors in business and political science. Right now, I am a graphic design intern for The Blue Note and a campaign finance intern for Jason Kander. After graduation, I want to work as an account manager at an advertising agency in Chicago. Even though I’m a St. Louis girl, my true love has always been Chicago. In my spare time, I am typically drinking coffee, listen to Spotify or nap. I can usually be found doing any of these somewhere in the J-School.

Membership Development Chair: Casey Edwards

Hello! My name is Casey Edwards and I'm super excited to be Membership Development Chair for ONA Mizzou next year. I am a sophomore, originally from San Diego and a dual major in Political Science and Journalism with an emphasis in Radio-Television Investigative. My journalism work in the past has been with my high school paper and previous internships. In the future, I hope to be a political correspondent or investigative reporter for a local television news show. 

I wanted to join ONA Mizzou because I appreciate the relevance of digital media in today's world of journalism, and I also appreciate how welcoming ONA Mizzou is as an organization. I can't wait to work with next year's executive board and help our campus grow in access and skills with digital media. 

I am also involved with ResLife Ambassadors and Diversity Peer Educators, and if I have any free time I use it to sleep. 

Treasurer: Kelsey Castulik

Hello, my name is Kelsey Castulik, and I am the treasurer for ONA Mizzou! I'm currently on the Strategic Communication path in the J-School and hope to one day work in a KC advertising agency. I'm from a town just outside of St. Louis (Go Cards!) where I grew up in a family with three brothers. The oldest is the one who made me fall in love with MU, and he encouraged me to study journalism. My passion for advertising, digital media and marketing sprouted from a club similar to ONA Mizzou. Now, I strive to foster other students' passions, and I can't wait to do this through ONA Mizzou. 

My latest fads include gyros from Coffee Zone, making an array of Spotify playlists and repeatedly saying "bless up." In addition to that, I enjoy volunteering at a local organization called Granny's House in my free time and participating in AAF Mizzou. Can't wait to meet you all! Oh, and bless up. 

Secretary: Tessa Weinberg

Hi there! My name is Tessa Weinberg and I am thrilled to be serving as ONA Mizzou's secretary for the upcoming year. I'm a sophomore planning on majoring in convergence journalism with an emphasis in investigative reporting, in addition to a film studies minor. Exploring interactive tools journalists can utilize to tell stories differently is one of my passions. I currently explore the possibilities of multimedia elements as Projects Editor at The Maneater. This summer I will be returning home to intern at The Los Angeles Times, helping with their new initiative for high school journalists. When not reading long reads, I'm often watching docuseries or eating avocados.

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