Live Blogging: ONA Conference Recap 10/6/11

By Addison Walton

6:05- Thanks to everyone who came to the ONA Conference Recap Meeting! Follow us on Twitter @ONAMizzou. See you on October 20.

6:03- "The ONA Conference is the Journalism SXSW (South by Southwest)"- Reeves

5:58- Why join ONA? Hibbard- "Networking. This is the place to talk journalism. Access to ONA national resources" Gibson- "Huge for networking. This was my first conference and it was an incredible opportunity to connect with people." Reeves- "Focus on telling stories in journalism not just finding ways to tell it." Steffens- "Gives quick snapshot of state of the art journalism. I love to explore possibilities."

5:56: Augmenting Reality (experiencing things how they would be in fantasy) is something that should have showed up a little more during the conference says Reeves

5:54: "What you did yesterday is not what you're going to do tomorrow."- Steffens.

5:53: Steffens- "Everything was getting mashed up together (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) and now it's separating a lot more." 

5:50: Amy Simons asks "One takeaway that you can improve in your journalism day to day?" Reeves- "Post all the time on Facebook because now the timelines it's based on your friends preferences." 

5:48: RJIOnline.Org has some good takeaway videos, blogs and links from the ONA Conference if people are interested. 

5:44: Bender Tables and Visual Revenue were very present at the ONA Conference. They take a 14 day rolling average of your website and try to help fix up your website if it's not functioning up to par. 

5:42: "Emotions are the holy grail for engagement."- Steffens

5:39: One of Steffens' favorite panels was about arousing memory and interaction during a sports game. 

5:37: Brian Steffens is now going to present his experience at the ONA Conference. 

5:35: "The club and the local group is what you make it."- Hibbard

5:34: Hibbard's Advice about job hunting: "Take a risk. Jump into the job field."

5:31: "Networking is something that needs to be thought about a little differently. It can as simple as a Tweet or liking a post."- Laura Hibbard

5:30: Laura Hibbard is next to speak about the ONA Conference.

5:27:  - here is the Storify link from Jen Lee Reeves.

5:25: Twitter was at the ONA Conference and so was Facebook when they unveiled all their new changes. 

5:24: Google Standout is a piece of code that you put in the header that bumps up the story. 

5:23: "Not everyone is super happy with the ways news is delivered. It's the content. Maybe we are forgetting about telling good stories because we want to find new ways of delivering news."- Jen Reeves

5:22: Social Media Optimization goes beyond Social Engine Optimization. 

5:21: Google Fusion Tables- easy and quick way to make infographics. 

5:20: Tip 3: Discover new technology. So many new things to try and imagine. 

5:17: Reeves' Tip 2: Play and Connect. #WJChat meets at 7 pm CST on Twitter. Request membership to Social Journalism on Facebook. 

5:16: Jen Reeves is next up to present. She gives us her 5 tips from the conference. Tip 1: Do not fear coders. They all wear plaid. Hackers/hacks are starting to work together and want to help curb the hacking problem.  

5:15: The Long form journalism panel was another favorite of Gibson's.

5:14: INews was a company featured at ONA in the entrepreneurial session.  

5:12: Gibson starts off by giving her highlights of the conference. Entrepreneurial journalism was one of her favorite meetings of the Conference.  

5:11: Via Skype founding ONAMizzou President Laura Hibbard joins the meeting. 

5:09: Crockett introduces the members of the ONAMizzou club and the panel members who are present tonight. Gibson, KOMU 8 News Director Jen Lee Reeves, and Reynolds Journalism Institute Director of Communications Brian Steffens are here.

5:08 Buzzword Bingo starts now!

5:06: President Ashley Crockett welcomes the guests and introduces the Buzzword Bingo game with help from Melanie Gibson who was at the conference. 

5:00: Guests file into Room 100A of the Reynolds Journalism Institute for the ONA Conference Recap.

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