3 things to do when you need a finals week break

Photo by Steven S. / Flickr
by Madison Feller

It's the very last week of the semester, and while we know you're busy plowing away at final projects, essays and exams, we also know that sometimes you just need a break. So if you're in the middle of a finals week panic, look no further. We've got three (journalism-focused) procrastination tools right here.

1. What is Code? by Paul Ford

Bloomberg's Paul Ford dives into the intricacies of code in this long-form feature. It's interactive, explanatory and makes this complicated subject actually pretty fun. Plus you can justify reading it during finals week because #learning, right?

2. Documentary Now! on IFC

These parodies of famous documentaries are great for when you need an extended study break. Each episode is shot using a different filmmaking style and will leave you laughing hard enough to forget you have an exam tomorrow.

3. IRE Radio Podcast

Not only is this podcast produced right here at the Missouri School of Journalism, you can also listen to it just about anywhere. The podcast goes behind the scenes of investigate stories, and you can download the episodes straight from the website or iTunes.

No matter how you spend your week, we wish you all a successful last few days of the semester and a safe and happy break.

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