Finding new media internships in traditional newsrooms

By Nicole Garner

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With most summer internships having ended about a month ago, it may seem like next summer is, well, a year away. But just because classes are back in session doesn't mean it's too early to begin searching for your next internship.

If you're already exploring opportunities for next summer, take a glance at news organizations under your interest radar. As news organizations move to accommodate social media and online news, new opportunities are arising at traditional stations for journalism students who aren't only interested in reporting or producing.

News organizations like Boston-based PBS station WBGH offer a variety of internships, and not just for students majoring in broadcast. Here's a quick look at a few nontraditional internships that WBGH offers at its Boston newsroom (all descriptions taken from the WBGH website):

NOVA Online Internship
NOVA Online ( is the award-winning companion website to the PBS science series NOVA, produced in Boston at WGBH.

NOVA Online interns assist the editorial staff of NOVA's website through topic research, idea development, production of content for companion website and blog, and general administrative support. During the internship, he or she will have the opportunity to work with NOVA web staff to learn about producing podcasts, editing audio, creating flash slide shows and other web media creation-all with a focus on telling complex science stories to a lay audience. The NOVA Online intern is a welcome participant in weekly web editorial meetings.

FRONTLINE Social Media Internship
Since 1983, FRONTLINE has served as PBS's flagship public affairs series. Hailed upon its debut as "the last best hope for broadcast documentaries," FRONTLINE has earned every major award in broadcast journalism. In 1995, the series pioneered one of the earliest Web sites for television; and remains one of PBS's most popular general-audience sites to this day with an archive of 94 full-length documentaries available for viewing online. FRONTLINE's marketing department is responsible for developing and executing the series' integrated promotional initiatives including traditional publicity/press promotion, advertising, social media, station relations, and community and educational outreach.

The intern will work closely with the Online Engagement Coordinator, assisting with the research, drafting and proofing of written content for social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The intern may also take on special projects as assigned, such as researching potential social media contacts, tools, events and opportunities.

WGBH Interactive: Developer Internship
The Interactive department at WGBH serves as the Foundation's research, development and production team for new media technologies. The department works closely with national production units to produce a multitude of media-rich websites supporting WGBH's national prime-time and children's television series.

WGBH Interactive is in search of a Quality Assurance intern. We run approximately two dozen web sites - from Antiques Roadshow to Curious George -- with new sites and content launched monthly. We need help with testing, responding to user e-mail, archiving and, ideally, assistance with the debugging process. The ideal candidate would be someone interested in a career in web design or development, who is willing to get their hands dirty working out thorny technical problems.
Just because the internship may be a "new media" position doesn't mean the application process for obtaining an internship is new, too. It's still a good idea to apply early with your best work examples.


These aren't the only non-traditional journalism internships offered at WBGH. To check out the full list visit WBGH's website.

Do you know of any new media internships offered by traditional news stations? Let your fellow ONA Mizzou members know below!

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