Live Blogging: ONA Mizzou Meeting 9/15/2011

5:33: Thanks for coming out everyone. Eat the tasty cupcakes and cookies. 

5:31: Simons mentions last year's contributors like Scott Woelfel. 

5:27: Amy Simons talks about our brand new Blogspot blog. She wants this blog to be for everyone. Any student can write for the blog.

5:26: Crockett lets the crowd know how the future meeting with an ONA National recap will work.

5:24: Amy Simons talks about Trib Local and how they will be presenting at a future ONA Mizzou Meeting. All Trib Local employees that will be speaking are Mizzou Grads who work in the Chicago area. 

5:23: Oshinsky introduces his company Stry and what it does. They will go live with Stry in 2013.

5:22: "Come have a beer with me."-Dan Oshinsky. Oshinsky will be tweeting his office hours/drinking hours and would love to have visitors come join him.

5:20: Crockett introduces RJI Fellow Dan Oshinsky who will speaking to the crowd. Dan is an University of Missouri graduate and will hosting his #BergChats at the Heidelberg Restaurant across the street from the Reynolds Journalism Institute. 

5:19: Andrew Gibson, Addison Walton, Amy Simons and Nicole Garner introduce themselves to the crowd of 35.

5:17: VP Ashley Crockett welcomes the roughly 35 guests to the Fred Smith Forum. Crockett explains what ONA does locally and nationally. She mentions the ONA Conference in Boston coming up in one week.

5:15: Sign in sheets are passed around.

5:08: ONA Guests arrive and are treated to cupcakes, cookies, snacks and drinks.

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