Nicole Garner: Secretary

By Nicole Garner

Hello ONA members! I’m Nicole Garner, ONA Mizzou’s secretary for 2011-2012. I’m excited to be given this opportunity to work with everyone and help the club flourish in its next year!
I am currently a junior in the Convergence journalism sequence. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time reporting. Outside of the newsroom, I’m an avid outdoors-woman, but that doesn’t mean I’m always out of contact range! My passion for online news and journalism stems from an addiction to being connected 24/7.
This coming year, I looking forward to doing more than the standard secretarial jobs within ONA’s executive board. I’ve got some great ideas about how to get ONA Mizzou’s name out to more students – and how we can make it a really effective and useful tool for every member.
While it’s great to meet and explore the future of news and the Internet, I feel that ONA Mizzou should be a place for more than just discussion. Our inaugural executive board has done a fantastic job of getting the club on its feet and finding great guest speakers, and I’m looking forward to taking ONA Mizzou even further than that!
As a Convergence student, I see how important online news is every day. But that doesn’t mean only Convergence students see the impact – so do students in every sequence. That’s what makes ONA Mizzou so great! It’s a gathering place for all J-Schoolers to come together and hash out our ever-changing field of journalism. One of my biggest goals as secretary is to spread the word and diversify the club. As journalism students, we’re divided by sequences – but that doesn’t mean our clubs should be, too.
I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to input ideas about how to make ONA bigger and better, and even more happy to get to hear from ONA’s members about how to do so! Feel free to pass on your ideas and suggestions to the executive board.
I look forward to working with everyone in ONA Mizzou’s sophomore year!
Follow Nicole Garner on Twitter at @nlgarner.

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