We're trying something new and we want you to join us

Creative Commons photo by Flickr user Etownian
By Katy Mersmann

If you're reading this, that means you've survived the first week of classes. By this point, many of us already have early assignments from our editors and for our journalism classes, and it can all be a little overwhelming, especially right at the beginning. Some students (myself included) are facing the daunting task of learning new software, others are facing their first real deadlines and stories. Some other students might be working on developing stories on their own, which will eventually be pitched to media outlets around the state and country.

Welcome back, Journalism Tigers!

By Katy Mersmann

Creative Commons photo from Wikipedia user AdamProcter
Hi and welcome back to Mizzou! We’re so excited for a new year of Online News Association and we are looking forward to getting started. We’re planning a variety of events to help students grow and develop their skills as news writers and editors, as well as provide a place to network with each other and media professionals.