Drones are coming to ONA!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Budi Nusyirwan 
By Katy Mersmann

Did you see CNN's experiment with drone video of Selma earlier this month? Have you heard about Mizzou's own use of drones to report for KBIA? Perhaps more importantly, have you heard about the Federal Aviation Administration's grounding of Mizzou's program?

So...what gives here? Why can CNN fly a drone and we can't?

How to #NICAR15 If You Missed #NICAR15

By Madison Feller

Last week, a gaggle of journo/coder hybrids overtook Atlanta, Georgia for the 2015 Computer Assisted Reporting conference. Over three-and-a-half days, students and professionals alike came together to learn about everything from Fusion Tables to APIs. It was a jam-packed weekend, but if you happened to miss it, don't worry. ONA Mizzou is here to tell you how to get everything you can from #NICAR15—even if you didn't actually go.

Blogging the way into existential disrepair

by Emerald O'Brien
A photo of the author after finishing this blog.
Photo courtesy of Mike Licht/Flickr
Are you in a journalism class that requires you to blog for a grade? Are you masochistic enough to be writing a blog just for fun? (Or are you really just blogging because its a class requirement?)

Well, you are in luck because in my 7 years of forced blogging experiences, I have collected a pool of invaluable blogging tips, and I'm here to share them with you.