3 Podcasts that Highlight Marginalized Voices

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Patrick Breitenbach
By Abby Ivory-Ganja

I love podcasts. Seriously, I could babble about them for days. One time our Membership Development Chair, Casey, started talking about pizza rat, and I found a way to make it about podcasts. (But I think about this episode of Reply All so often.) One of my favorite things about podcasts is how they can tell stories from marginalized identities.

6 ways to balance professionalism and personality on social media

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jason Howie

By Rachel Radecki 

Are you using your social media platforms effectively? These 6 tips will help you refine your social media accounts in order to balance your online professionalism and personality. 

My week learning a new language: how to code

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Thibault J.
By Tessa Weinberg

Coding, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are just a few of the words that makes most traditional print journalists cringe. Just right-click and inspect the elements of any webpage and you can get a glimpse into the confusing strings of code that govern the site you’re using. One of the items on my summer bucket list is to grasp the basics of coding, in the hopes of one day building my own website. Over the course of a week I tried out two popular coding sites: Codecademy and Free Code Camp. Below I’ve included what I found to be some of the pros and cons of each as well as a little bit of what I learned along the way.

5 ways to build your best portfolio during your internship

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Anthony DiLaura 
By Rose McManus

The best part about having a summer internship is getting to create your own work outside of the classroom, and building a portfolio is the best way to showcase all of it. These 5 steps will help you create an impressive online portfolio to show your skills and wow future employers.