Journalists are in high demand ... at tech companies

By Sarah Darby
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Keiyac
June has been a big month for job openings in journalism, but not at the companies you might imagine.

In the midst of a new round of layoffs from legacy media company Dow Jones, Apple and Twitter have announced they will soon hire journalists to help run their news services.

What makes these announcements unique is the role journalists will soon play at the companies. Although many companies have former journalists on staff, this is one of the first times two tech-giants have expressed a need for journalists to, well, do journalism.

Okay, so you're an intern. What's next?

By Kara Tabor

Photo courtesy of Obankston/Wikimedia Commons

Summer is fully in swing and interns across the country (and the world) are on their merry ways scurrying about reporting, producing and searching for story ideas worthy of a pitch.

This week marks my third as an intern at Minnesota Public Radio. It's unfathomable how fast time has flown by, but I've stopped to take a pulse of my experiences so far.

In my still-green state, I think I'm able to offer a few pieces of advice that I think every journalism intern (or any intern in the history of humankind) may benefit from.

Perfect podcasts for your busy day

By Ryan Levi

I love podcasts. Like a lot.

But I have a problem.

Photo by Flickr user Patrick Breitenbach
I love them so much that I want to give them my undivided attention so I don't miss anything. That means that multitasking favorites like reading, working, studying or any other brain-engaging activities are not an option when I listen to podcasts. These restrictions sadly limit the amount time I can spend listening to podcasts so length has become one of the primary factors in determining which podcasts I listen to.

I've divided podcasts into three length categories that help me maximize my precious podcast time.

3 simple ways to become a better writer

By Maria Davison

From Flickr user Ben Grey
Writing is at the heart of everything we do as journalists and communicators, and being a good writer is ever important, no matter what your dream job may be. I spend so much time trying to understand the best journalistic applications for Snapchat and Periscope, that I forget to focus on my writing. Writing was the reason I got into journalism in the first place, and I hope to keep those skills up. As we head into the summer when you have a little time (between working hard at that fabulous summer internship and laying by the pool), here are some ways you can brush up on your writing skills and make sure they’re always sharp. This advice is hardly anything new, but with a few new resources, these tips can take your writing to the next level.