Four pieces of soccer journalism not by Ann Coulter (and two by Ann Coulter)

By Emerald O'Brien

Creative Commons photo from Flickr user daniandgeorge
Whether the completion of the World Cup on Sunday will bring you infinite joy or put you in a four-year depression (or maybe you stopped thinking about soccer altogether after last Tuesday), it is the last time many Americans will really think (or write) about soccer until 2018. 

That being said, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching both the World Cup and Americans yelling at each other about whether or not soccer is stupid while the rest of the world ignores us.

This year’s buzz began with Ann Coulter’s article condemning the sport and all who enjoy it. And while it is an...interesting (ahem, hilarious) read, here are some other things that happened in soccer journalism in the last month.

Where to find your next long read

By Maria Davison

Creative Commons photo from Flickr user Sean Winters
It's the middle of summer, and while on a break from the normal chaos of the semester, I promised myself I would invest some time in reading great long-form journalism. I have a habit of finding stories I want to read, keeping them open in a tab on my laptop, then forgetting about them, and never actually reading them. 

It's a terrible habit, especially because this kind of journalism provides insight to the hundreds of tweets we read every day. The Internet makes it so easy to know what's happening in the world and long form shows us what news means for the people involved.