Ask the newsroom: 8 editors and reporters from The Kansas City Star share tips for young journalists

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By Rose McManus

From being unique in your writing, to finding your first real job, reporters and editors from The Kansas City Star offer up their best pieces of advice for aspiring journalists.

5 tips on creating your website portfolio

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By Kelsey Castulik 

So you’ve spent endless hours on creating some content.  Whether it be for an internship, summer class or as freelance, you want to display all your work as a growing professional. Where can you show off the effort you put in? An online portfolio.

No summer internship? No problem!

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By Casey Edwards

If you’re like me then you’re not spending your summer at an internship learning and creating amazing things, and that might have bummed you out a little bit. But if you don't have an internship, it doesn't mean you're going to fall behind. Here are some ways to “stay on top of it” during the summer.