LIVE BLOG: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

By Maria Davison

We're beginning our event, "How to stand out from the crowd."

This evening we're joined by Andrew Gibson, who works at the Orlando Sentinel, Sally French, from MarketWatch and Jessie Lueck, who's working at Hallmark.

While at Mizzou, Jessie Lueck studied magazine design. She is a now a graphic designer for Hallmark cards in Kansas City.

Sally French graduated with a degree in photojournalism. She's working in San Francisco at MarketWatch.

Andrew Gibson was in convergence journalism and took several computer science courses. He's working in Orlando at the Sun Sentinel working on long-term projects and web development.

Five tips for landing your dream internship or job

Courtesy of Flickr user Flazingo Photos
By Sarah Darby

Fall is finally upon us at Mizzou! The season brings crisp leaves, cups of hot chocolate and also a mountain of internship applications. If you're anything like me, applying for internships and jobs can feel pretty overwhelming. Trying to stand out in a sea of applicants is especially challenging.

Event preview: How to stand out from the crowd

Courtesy of Flickr user Automotive Social
By Sarah Darby and Ryan Levi

When everyone around you is applying for internships and jobs it's hard to imagine how you can possibly stand out.

Mizzou students have the benefit of a great education and hands-on experience from our classes, but, ultimately, it's on us to market ourselves to hiring managers. 

Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. in RJI 100A (aka the Fishbowl), for our second event, How to Stand Out from the Crowd, where recent graduates will share their stories of how they used digital media to build their personal brand and get great jobs. 

Homecoming 2015: Grads come home and share some advice

By Emerald O'Brien

Photo by Ryan Levi

While the football game may not have gone the way Mizzou fans would have liked, this year's Homecoming was still a great experience as alumni from across the country came home to Mizzou. In between reminiscing about old times and introducing themselves to the new dean, we caught up with a few alumni to chat and asked them about what they've learned since they left Old Missouri.

Three simple dos and don'ts for every Twitter user

By Maria Davison

Image by Jurgen Appelo
Everyone says that you should be using Twitter. And they’re probably right. Twitter is a great tool for doing journalism, for consuming journalism and for, like, knowing things about the world. But like most social media, there is a wrong way and a right way to use Twitter.

Do: Share articles that you find interesting
When I say interesting, I mean things that are actually interesting to you. Share content that actually deals with things you care about. I am a big art and history nerd and scrolling back through my Twitter, a lot of the things I share fall into those categories. Stories about Pompeii and Google Art Project and a long-lost Stradivarius are some recent personal favorites.

An insider's look at ONA15

Photo of Online Journalism Awards
by Katy Mersmann
By Katy Mersmann

Did you miss me? I'm back from the ONA conference and back posting on this blog for a day. I was on the ONA Student Newsroom, reporting in L.A. on the conference, which gave me a really different perspective on the conference. With our current executive board sharing their take on ONA from afar, I figured those of us in student newsroom could add a little bit about our take on the conference from inside the newsroom.