5 reasons you should join ONA Mizzou

By Rose McManus

Thinking of joining ONA? Come to one of our info sessions on Wednesday, August 31 and Thursday, September 1 at 6:45 in Fred Smith Forum. In the meantime, here's five reasons why you should join!

  1. To meet students and pros with the same weird interests as you
    1. Want to talk about how drones are changing the worlds of video journalism and privacy law simultaneously? Or how to create a successful native ad without disrupting editorial content? We’ve got people for you.
  2. To learn that one skill that you know you should have but haven’t set aside time to learn yet
    1. Talking about you, Wordpress. And you, Final Cut Pro.
  3. To get involved without overcommitting
    1. ONA Mizzou only meets once a month and also hosts one event a month. And you don’t have to go to every single meeting or event. We know you’re busy.
  4. To hear success stories — and horror stories
    1. Students who landed your dream internship and pros with your dream job are all a part of our network. We’re bringing them in to share their dos and don’ts.
  5. To network and befriend other students
    1. Ultimately, we’re here to learn about the future of media while having fun.
Click on the Join ONA tab above to learn more.

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